CAP Fitness is a workout program for those in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. This includes a detailed fitness assessment, individual goals are discussed and data is collected to create a custom workout plan that is right for you. Complete Athlete Performance believes in creating a fitness environment that clients can trust by offering training programs specific to your needs. We eliminate the guesswork and strive to reshape a healthier version of you. Our certified trainers are focused on your needs, goals, and fitness success. 

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We believe in building a positive community and celebrating the achievement of fitness goals together. One way we do this is by offering group fitness. There is no better way for a group of individuals to create a meaningful and lasting relationship than by working out as a team. We use creative workouts that incorporate training as a team and motivating one another.


CAP Sport Performance training is about you. This program combines multiple training methods, sports science and technology to increase physical athletic attributes. What separates this program from the rest is our ability to customize workout plans based on the athletes' sport specific needs to ensure peak performance. Lets get to work and optimize your athletic abilities for sport competition.

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