Our Mission


Charlie Pineda lives in Houston, Texas with his family. Complete Athlete Performance is an extension of that family and desires that anyone connected to CAP take action toward the accomplishment of their goals. At CAP every athlete including clients are important, individual goals are discussed and achieved.

Charlie Pineda is recognized for his creativity when it comes to sports performance training and fitness instruction. Charlies' experience as an athlete, combined with intense training, sports-science knowledge and Bachelor's of Science degree led to the development of CAP. As an avid athlete he knows the importance of preparation for sports competition. This is what motivates him to equip athletes with the best in sports performance training, fitness instruction and athletic apparel.


Complete Athlete Performance has developed a reputation as a trusted company. A lot of what has led to the success of CAP is the shared vision with the team, athletes and clients. There's a very special uniqueness behind the brand, starting with the lifestyle and mission statement. We have a true desire to add innovation to sports performance by using advanced training methods led by world class instruction. Aside from training, our team works closely on designing sportswear that is durable yet comfortable for athletes and fitness enthusiast. CAP is the future of sports performance training, fitness programs and athletic apparel.